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TARGET CROP : Cotton,Grape,Tomato,Chilies,Potato,Pomegranate,Rose,Citrus,Brinjal,Mango,Watermelon,Wheat,Paddy,SUGARCANE.
USED FOR: To increase plant growth and numbers of flowers.
CONTENT : Carboxylic Acid & Folic Acid

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AMPLIFIER plantgrowth stimulator is a mixture of organically derived Carboxylic Acid & folic acid in the form, this fine mixtured has found very good results in manycrops. the multiple benefits like,. Cytokine and auxine Stimulate seed germination. Better absorption of soil nutrients by plants. increased development of ridiculers systems. . Reduction of transplantation shock and better growth (anti-stress) . Stimulate chlorophyll formation. . Increase blooming duration and fruit quantity and quality. . Slow down the aging process. Better resistance to high temperature conditions and parasites. Longer shelf life. Better Fruit Setting ,More Vegetative Growth,Improvement in Fruit Quality,Early flowering, and Ripening, Increase resistance to adverse climatic condition. It is recommended to overcome chemical phytoxicit. It is generally recommended just before flowring and at time of flowering, fallowed by spray at time of fruit development. Foliar Applicaton at various stage of plants growth-many be applied in combination with foliar fertilizers and micro nutrients. Compatible with all Acidic and Neutral Pesticides. Avoid using with Alkali Pesticides.
AMPLIFIER plant growth stimulator Increase the fruit size,
AMPLIFIER shows weight improvement,
AMPLIFIER enhances quality of fruit.
AMPLIFIER also Increases biological activity.
RECOMMENDED DOSE : 1 no. / 15 ltr
DOSE FREQUENCY : First Dose After 15 Days Of Plantation. Alternate Doses Every 21 Days to maintain stimulation process. Prefer Foliar Spray In The Morning And Evening , Especially during the time when, Temperature Is Below 22 - 25 Degree Celcius. Prefer Foliar Spray When The Climate Is Moist & Cloudy
TOXIC LEVEL : Amplifier plant growth stimulator is considered non-phytotoxic on every crop .and hence it is considered as a non toxic for the mammals & humans.
COMPATIBILITY : Amplifier can be mixed with all types of organic pesticidal chemicals & fertilizers excluding HERBICIDES & WEEDICIDES.
PACKING SIZES : 500 PCS / 1000 PCS / 1500 PCS. / 2000 PCS.
BULK PACKING : 2000 PCS / 10000 PCS