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bio-zyme granual

TRAGET CROP : Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops/ Fruit Crops
USED FOR : Growth and flowering stimulant by root growth

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Bio – Zyme gr. Soil conditioner is one of our prime products, a growth stimulant. Preferred for its good composition and easy utility, the stimulators are compatible with most of the chemical fertilizers. Known as flowering stimulant by root growth, can be applied to any field crop, horticultural crop or fruit crop. BIOZYM GRANULES is based on seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum the finest marine plant available for agricultural use and is recognized worldover as an excellent natural SOIL CONDITINER and source of organic matter.
Content: seaweed and Humic acid
BIOZYM application enables plants to receive direct benefits from the naturally balanced nutrients and plant growth substances available in the seaweed extract.
Recommended Dose : 5 TO 10 kg per acre
Dose Frequency : At any time and at any stage of crop
Toxic Level: bio - zyme granual soil conditioner are eco-friendly naturally derived product in the granule form and is therefore free from any toxic effect for the agricultural crops and soil, so it can be safely used till harvesting
Compatibility: Bio Zym Granules Can Be Mixed With Any Pesticide & Pgr.
Packing Material : HDPE Pouch packing
Packing Available: 4 kg bag/ 28 kg drum/ 48 kg drum
Bulk Packing: 50 kg HDPE bags
MInimum ORDER : 200 KG
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