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TARGET CROP – leafy vegetables, sugarcane, paddy
USED FOR –To control pest& insects, like brown plant hopper in paddy, bugs and mango hopper, aphids, white fly, leaf miner, bill bugs, mealy bugs.

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terminator is non toxin chemical which is formulation of organically extracted felvic acid, potassium humate, humic balls, amino acid and sea weed powder. It improves fertility of soil, also improve life of soil and increases productivity.
Terminator is agro chemical that works as effective contact poison to control insect pests of crops.
Terminator bio insecticides do not harm beneficial insect populations and tend to be specific for a harmful insect species.
terminator bio insecticides, particularly used for disease management, tend to be more broad spectrum, making them useful for managing the multiple pathogens that challenge the growth of most crops.
RECOMMENDED DOSE : 0.3 grm/ ltr of water
DOSE FREQUENCY : Can be applied any time of the attack of the insects or for the pre disease management.
TOXIC LEVEL : Avenger Bio insecticide is eco-friendly naturally derived product and is therefore free from any toxic effect for the agricultural crops and soil, so it can be safely used till harvesting.
COMPATIBILITY : can be used with any organic agro chemical products.
PACKING MATERIAL : HDPE plastic bottles
PACKING SIZES – 100 grm / 250 grm / 500 grm / 1 kg
BULK PACKING – 25 kg / 50 kg HDPE container